What’s Your Story?

When all is said and done. And it’s time for us to go. These writings will be a beautiful reminder of who we are,

A life beautifully expressed and lived….

In writing.


If you are a writer, chances are – you know what I’ll be talking about (be sure to read the underlined, I promise it’ll make my story complete, I suggest you read the whole blog post first – then come back and click on the underlined to read the rest, you have to start clicking the bonus links from the top 😉 )

I’m referring to the many times where it would take me hours and days to finish one story.

But then, there are also those moments where I can finish one in minutes. Where everything flows beautifully. The words, the thoughts, the feelings, the message, the photos…don’t forget the photos 🙂

And I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to write something without trying too hard.

These are my moments.

I find out that the more I try harder to make it flow flawlessly or make an impression, the harder it gets to put it into words. I can compare it to building up myself to someone to make an impression where it would have been easier if I would just be myself.

It’s also those times when I don’t try to be a copycat of someone else. My own ideas, own choice of words, recognizing my feelings, sharing my own experiences and not being afraid to share my realities, in its raw forms.

If you’re going to meet me in person, I am not a talker. I am more of a listener. Too many outside interactions drains me. Give me two hours max and I’d be ready to recharge.

But, with writing….

I could express my thoughts and feelings, those that aren’t said out loud. Things that I don’t get to talk a lot about. Because, really who would like to listen to me get excited about an old tattered boots or see me walk barefoot outside (in 40 degree weather) to take a feet photo and talk about a David in you!

This is me.

You know, there are many times that I try to imagine myself being someone else.

Perhaps, working somewhere else.

Someone in a position.

Making good money.

Driving a fancy car.

Traveling the country and the world (this I’d love to do!).

And I kid you not…

I couldn’t see a clear image of what it would be like if I am that someone….

Friends, there is nothing wrong in being who you are.

It’s okay to talk about how messy and broken you feel.

It’s okay to brag about that lowly job you think you have.

It’s okay to write stories about how uncoordinated you are and how sappy you can be.

It’s okay to write about not seeing yourself as someone bigger and better and of importance.

And it’s perfectly fine to write about those things that you don’t say out loud because you think nobody would care to know.

And get this….

You can write your stories just as you are!


When all is said and done,

And it’s time for us to go….

These writings,

will be a beautiful reminder of who we are…

A life beautifully expressed and lived….

In writing.

So, what’s your story?

Until next time,


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