Messy Grace

Blue skies. Snow covered trees. Empty benches. Sunrises. Sunsets.

These are a few of my favorite things.

I was going to complain about a few things today, but then, I was reminded that most of the things that I want to complain about…a lot of people would loved to have..

But before you judge me about being a complainer.

I am always a grateful person. I know how to be thankful for even the littlest things.

I know how to emphatize with others.

I am the type of person who does her best to put herself in other peoples shoes.

And believe me when I say, that this…knowing how to empathize and be kind to others, is the very same reason why I felt the need to complain at times.


There are just situations and people that drains the nice, the kind, and the gratefulness out of you.

And I could quote a lot, I mean a lot about how it is not the circumstances and actions of others – but our reactions that will define us.

Don’t you see the unfairness in this situation? I mean, how come everyone else is free to behave, act and treat others the way they want to.

And yet, how we react to it, defines everything?

Why can’t we be unkind to unkind people?

Ungrateful to ungrateful people?

Or why can’t we treat others the same way they treat us?

Can we complain about how some people can get away doing bad, unfair and unkind things and still come out the best?

I’ve seen them. I’ve met them. I’ve known them.

Many times, when I want to be just like them…

I end up seeing all the other beautiful things, everyday beautiful things that I should be grateful for.

Clear blue skies.

Birds hopping from one tree branch to another.

A student who always gave way and used the other bathroom so I don’t have to wait.

Having the break room all to myself at lunch.

Quiet uninterrupted moments.

Simple, everyday things that reminds me life is not all about the messy.

That yes, there are those who would rather drain the nice out of you.

And I could be as messy…


I could be a messy kind.

I could be messy understanding.

Messy forgiving.

Messy grateful.

And I could humbly and quietly,

Messy step back and walk away.

Because, really….

Silence is not always pretty.

Noise is not always ugly.

And I see life, people and the things around me in a different way.

Perhaps, it is not our reactions that defines us…

But rather,

How gracefully we walk away.

Until next time,


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