One Day

Busy. If busy is not the most used word, what do you think would it be?

Suppose that you are only given just one more day to live – what would you do?

I think it would make a big difference if we were given the chance to know this in advance. The problem is, we are not.

Life comes and life goes. No assurance of what tomorrow will bring. Health could be here today and gone tomorrow.

And yet, we look at life as an everyday struggle to stay afloat, get things done, meet deadlines and to be always on the move. Busy life is synonymous to success. Being idle will get us nowhere.

But in the midst of all our busyness, meeting deadlines, getting things done and accumulating accomplishments after another, we missed the one that matter the most.

To live.

I know we each have different definitions of living. Of what can we consider a life lived beautifully and fully.

Some travel a lot.

For others, it is being able to have fun and being able to afford their needs and wants. Or the quantity of friends they have.

And then, there are those who are success driven. This is how they measure their worth and prove themselves.

Some others, life is about keeping their statuses. Whether it be, being known in their community, social circles, or work.

And there are those who live on a day to day basis.

They are the ones who get to see that life can be taken away at any given moment.

Perhaps, their means only allow them to get through one day and then worry about tomorrow the next day.

Perhaps, they don’t have permanent homes and families. And have no idea where and how to fill their empty stomachs.

Maybe they’re going through illnesses that require them to be in and out of treatment most days of their lives.

And some others, life revolves around trying to remember who they are and who are those people they see day in and day out.

Life, when we look at it from a distance, can be a compilation of the things we have done or failed to do. It can be boxes and boxes full of awards and recognitions we received. It can be a closet full of expensive clothings and accessories. It can be a state-of-the-art modern house filled with the latest gadgets and expensive cars. It can be a wall filled with photos of partying and socializing or better yet – of friends and families gathering in the backyard.

And it can also be this tiny cardboard sign on the corner of a busy street. It can be a shopping bag full of whatever is left of their identity.

In the end, when we all happen to know we only have a day to live…

All these won’t matter.

What would you ask?

It’s those breakfasts and dinners missed. Ignored phone calls. Not saying “I love you enough”. Not putting that love out there enough. Hugging less. Savoring moments together. Not appreciating enough. Missed conversations and rushing the time spent together.

It could also be those missed opportunities to give a hand, a little joy, a glimpse of hope, a pat of encouragement and a much needed support to someone.

It’s also those missed chances to pull someone up.

It’s those moments, you know…?

I believe in you. I appreciate you. I’m thankful for you and you mattered not because of what you give but because of who are.

Or the – you can do this! I see you!

I will be here for you…always!

Most times, even those silent moments together….

So if you were given a day to live?

What would you do with yours?

Until next time,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Atlene Illescas says:

    I wish i could write like you..
    You ‘ve told everything every feeling each of us feels…
    Everything each of us should do to appreciate life …and time…and family..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dear sister. Of course you could, just give it a try. Miss and love you all very much! ❤️❤️❤️


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