What’s in a Boots?

Last July 4, we went to Meredith College for Parent’s Day at the Governor’s School that my daughter is participating in. We were invited to attend one of her class (Memoir) and to say that I fell in love was an understatement! There, we were asked to write a story from suggested topics like: Weird Families, Television and a few others. Which got me to thinking, had I known earlier in my life that this is something that I would love to do, I could have written a whole lot by now. But I guess, I still have time…

I thought writing memoirs is all about what’s exciting and dramatic and historical and heroic and sacrificial. It’s definitely not something about an old tattered boots…


As I was getting our vacuum cleaner from the mud room, my eyes fell on my favorite boots. This was the very first boots that I have for myself. I bought it at Walmart for $25, I think. It’s cheap and it’s not from a famous brand, but it was comfortable and fits me well. I love everything about it. As you can see, it’s tattered and peeling away. Other than that, everything about it is the same. I’ve been asked to throw it away many times, but as long as it provides me comfort, the boots will serve its purpose. Nowadays, I only use it doing errands outside during the winter months. It’s also mine and my daughter’s go to boots when there’s snow in the grounds.

I remember wearing this boots to work one day. They’re calling for rain and knowing it will keep my feet dry for the rest of the day, I wear it with eighty five percent confidence and fifteen percent hesitation. I was worried on what would people say and think if they saw me on it. At one point, I felt the need to explain to a co-worker why I am still wearing it, much less keep it.

I think this particular boots and I, have so much in common. It’s not made of leather, it’s a so-so brand, it’s cheap but….it’s comfortable, it fits well, and although it is peeling on the outside, everything else shows its sturdy side. The only difference, it’s the other way around. Because, we tend to show our tough side, but hide the breaking and the hurting and the peeling inside. We seldom talk about our heartaches and sufferings and pains. Smiles over tears. Because really, who’s got time for that…? It’s always the good stuff first.

How about taking the boots to a shoe repair shop, you asked? I thought about it too. But had I done it, I won’t have a story to tell about the boots.

You know there’s more to the boots other than the peeling. Same with each one of us. Some show it. Most others hide it. Whatever you choose to do with it, you have got to let others learn from it.

After all, we all have a favorite boots and a story to accompany it with, you know….



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