Just A David Amongst The Goliaths

While looking at my Instagram feed last night, I was slapped with the truth. I’m just a David finding my way in a field full of Goliaths. This is how I find myself amongst a group of known and published authors.

My inner self, asked me. Charina, are you sure about this? An unknown writer, with thirteen followers with no more than seven likes and zero comments on a single post? That sure is nothing compared to the thousands and thousands of followers others have and the hundred and hundreds of comments they get on a single post. This is the devil speaking to me.

I went to bed feeling like a loser, for letting comparisons get in my way.

But God has better plans. At exactly 12:37 a.m., He woke me up and told me,


You are all writers writing about

the same God;

the same life;

the same pains;

same joys;

same dreams;

same fears;

and yet all of you are differently unique.

You might be writing the same story, same topic, same ideas…

Yet each one is uniquely powerful.

That’s when He rest His case.

Isn’t it amazing that God would create such unique DNA’s of people who would find themselves writing about one mighty God and talking about the same things – each one finding their way to different audiences with the same beating heart and same walnut brains?

Never ever compare. You are writing to serve not to compete. You may not grow rich materially but you are spiritually. You may feel like a nobody, but I know you.

His point proven.

I may just be a David but my stories still matter.

I may not be a Goliath, but my voice is still powerful.

I may feel lost, unseen and unheard,

But I am heard and seen by the One who matter the most.

God didn’t want me to feel small. He don’t want me to give up yet. He believes in me. He believes my writings matters. He believes this David’s purpose. He wants me to know. He wants me to see what he is seeing….

Thank You for believing in me. Thank You for seeing me. Thank You for hearing me. Thank You for not giving up on me.

Until next time,