Be Thou My Vision

Do you believe that we have to give up something so we can be intentionally better at another thing?

The same way with giving up certain luxuries of our lives, whether it be luxury in the form of the flesh, how we live and work and how we entertain ourselves so that we can be a better us?

I’ve always been a quiet and shy little girl. Being in a crowd is not my forte. I love being alone.

Growing up, I didn’t have a definite plan. Still shy. I had no idea what I wanted to be. Most kids my age, have this vision of what they want to do in their lives and what kind of career they’re going into. I didn’t.

Looking back, I was this content girl with no worries about the future. I live on a day to day basis. But I have no idea why.

Why no plans? Why no visions? Why no worries? Why no desire to be somebody?

And why no desire to prove myself to the world?

Do you believe things happen so that God can make way His plans in our lives?

I do.


Most times, we are too busy and stubborn to notice and listen.

Most times, the instant gratification of what we are doing at the moment are more rewarding and boisterous and pleasurable….

Most times, the feelings of being in control makes us feel stronger and wiser. Thus, making us feel powerful.

So, we do our best to silence “that voice”.

In my case, I can feel more of God’s presence when I am being intentional.

It is when I seek Him.

It is when I admit to my weaknesses and ask for His strength.

It is when I silence the noises of the outside world that I can hear Him the most.

It is in my needs that I get filled.

It is when I admit to being lost that I get found.

It is when I am a nobody that I feel powerful.

It is when I have less when I feel the most blessed.

It is when I seek Him that I feel the most alive.

It is when I let Him in, that I feel the most complete.

It is when I seek His vision that I get to find my way.

Today, I am still the same quiet and shy little girl. Being in a crowd is still not my forte. I still love being alone.

Today, as I looked back to having no visions and plans, to being this content little girl with no worries, the one who lives on a day to day basis…

Nothing has changed much…

One thing though.

His visions are better than mine.

But this writing thing….

I didn’t see it coming.

Until next time,


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