So, We Asked God?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

How many times have we heard or asked this question?

But how many times, did we ever ask why we do bad things to good people?

Isn’t it ironic that we ask God why bad things happen but not why we do those bad things?

I guess, it’s easier for us to have someone else be held accountable for the bad things we do instead of taking the responsibilities ourselves. It’s easier to say, “You made me do it” instead of saying, “I wanted to do it.”

And God…

Is no exemption.

It’s easier to say, “You know what God? This person hurt my feelings and he’s not being fair at all so I am going to do the same thing and I’ll do it better. I’ll make him regret what he did.”

How about that time when we got in trouble for speaking the truth – fighting for what is fair and just?

And we did what?

And blamed who?

Do you think these things happen to us because we deserve it? Because God wanted to?

Or was it a by product of something that we have said and done or the lack of it?

Maybe it’s bound to happen for a reason?

Have we ever thought of it as a blessing in disguise?

Have we ever considered to trust His process?

There were many a time that people have done or said things to me and I felt that I deserve better.

That things should’ve been the other way around.

Did I ask God why it happened?

Maybe I did or didn’t…

But I do know that I’ve asked, “How can this person do such a thing? Do I deserve it?”

Sometimes, I get the answers right away. At other times, it takes a little bit longer.

No matter the time involved…

I learned that there are consequences.

And there are lessons.

That all actions, no matter how good and fair and just, will have opposite reactions.

That we are given free will.

That there is always, always God’s grace.

That there is God’s intervention.

And that God definitely let great things happen to his people. We just don’t talk much about it.

As for the bad?

Looking back, I think it’s a great thing disguised as a bad thing.

I know that now.

Until next time,


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