Which Side Are You?

Has it ever occurred in your life where you asked yourself if you are on the wrong side of the fence?

Just a few hours ago, I had this dream.

In my dream, I was still in school. In a particular class, there were a few of us that were not chosen to be included in the group. So we had to leave.

We were sad and wondering why we were not chosen. This other professor told us that we should not be sad. She said you were among the best to me. Don’t feel bad.

In the next scene, we were walking out of the school on our way home. I was with the same group. But I lost them somehow. At the end of the road, there were two separate roads, one going to the left and the other to the right. I was trying to find the rest of my group and decided to go on the left side, the road I thought the rest of my group went down.

The walk was nice at first – then the road got harder and harder. Roadblocks after roadblocks and detours that I had to go through before I could get back on the road again. Once I got through the roadblocks and detours, I saw a few people I knew. I stopped and talked to them. While we were talking, the sky turned very dark. I could see ugly, monstrous looking clouds form and moving across the sky. I saw people running away out of fear. And this cloud, separated into several monstrous looking heads as if looking for particular individuals. I was behind two other people. The guy in front of me is a cousin’s son, and I was holding on to him. I saw one dark cloud with the monster head stopped a few feet away from us, staring directly in our direction. I remember being so scared. The face was so scary and evil looking. I closed my eyes. And then I felt it. Like something was trying to loosen my grasp, like he was trying to snatch someone away from me. I could literally feel the brief pain of that someone being snatch from my hold. And then it was gone. The monster looking cloud. I thought it was the relative I was holding, but when I opened my eyes, it was the guy in front of him and another woman that were snatched.

I remember thinking I had to get home, so I went on my way and as I was walking I could see the same monster clouds in the distance, all over the place snatching people and people running away from it. Then I woke up.

If you’re wondering if I can interpret the dream, yes I can.

But, each one of us will have a different interpretation of the dream, based on what phase of our lives we are at now.

I can’t tell you why I had such a dream, but what I do know is that God is telling me and showing me something. He wants me to share it so others may hear and see as well.

I am aware that some will have doubts as to the legitimacy of this dream. I am aware that some will question my credibility and worthiness.

I don’t think I am worthy of such vision.

And yet, I am grateful and blessed to have seen such one.

So, which side of the fence are you on?

Until next time,


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