That Thing Called Self-Love

“If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.” – Charles Bukowski

At some point in our lives, we were told to give our all in everything. To love with all our heart. To be the best person that we can be. To always put our best foot forward. That sacrificing is the greatest form of love.

And at some point in my life, I truly believed those. I’ve lived and loved and practiced all of the above.

But time and time again, there would be someone or something that would contradict these beliefs and practices that would make me question the truthfulness of such advice.

Then there’s this. At a point where these beliefs are questioned, we should always be the better person. Easier said than done right?

But there is one thing that I’ve realized that I think is worth sharing.

I’ve realized that no matter how much we loved, how many times we put our best foot forward, no matter how much sacrifices we do and how many times we give our everything, it will always not be enough.

You see, I believe some people can only accept a certain level or amount of all these things. Anything beyond what they can grasp, means nothing more to them, simply because that is all they can give back. Everything else that is in excess, end up hurting the giver in the process.

I could be wrong to say, that, to protect and preserve who we are as a person and what we are capable of giving, and so as not to deplete what we have, we need to give only what and how much they are willing to accept. The rest, we should keep for ourselves, because if we don’t look after ourselves, who will?

“The entire universe deserve your love. You also deserve to experience it back.” – Anonymous

Until next time,


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