A Man Like No Other

Theirs was a marriage meant for the books. He was a man like no other.

My father was the youngest among six children. Him and my mother were neighbors. They eloped and were married on March 3, 1963. They were blessed with five children, with twins.

I always remember Daddy to be a hardworking man. He always find time to do something around the house even after a whole day at work. He always made time to help my mother around the kitchen; chopping vegetables, cooking and even doing the dishes. He is not the talkative type. He’s got this authoritative look on him. I am not sure if it was because of his military background – for he was a captain in the Philippine Army after all – or something else. Growing up, I never saw him get mad at my mother. He very seldom showed his anger, at least not by yelling or doing and saying something hurtful. If he is ever mad or upset at any of us he kept it to himself, but we knew.

In their fifty eight years of marriage, I never heard him yell at my mom. His love is the true embodiment of love is patient and love is kind. He is a man who was never proud towards my mom or us. He is humble and is not self-seeking, not easily angered and always protects. They are never the type who expressed their love by means of words. In fact, I never heard them say I love you to each other once. But….

Their love and respect for each other shows in everything they do for each other every single day, come highs and come lows and storms and rainbows, in sickness or in health. Dad took care of Mang and Mang took care of Daddy with every part of their being.

Daddy showed us what love truly is and what to expect in a man. If there is one thing that I want for my daughter, it is to find and marry a man like her grandfather. A man who will love and nurture her all the days of their married life. A man who will give her endless understanding, respect, kindness and patience. A man who will put her and her feelings above all else, even over his own. A man as selfless, kind and loving as her Lolo.

Daddy joined his creator May 4th of last year, eighteen days shy of his 87th birthday. Now almost a year after he passed, he still finds ways to show Mang how much he loves her…like that time when Daddy took Mom in her dreams to this beautiful island with a promise that he would take her back there with him.

Mang (our mother) is suffering from Dementia and it is getting harder and harder for her to remember things. But one thing I can tell you, it is her love of Daddy and the way that Daddy loved her that dementia will never take away.

Theirs was a marriage meant for the books. He was a man like no other.

I love you Daddy. Thank you for everything….

Until we meet again.


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