Who Are You?

It’s 3 a.m. (3:12 to be exact). And just like as always, I try to make myself fall back to sleep by scrolling through my social media account. Sometimes it works, at other times it doesn’t.

While I was scrolling, I saw this article about motherhood. That of being a stay at home mother. The article, like any other “I am a just a stay at home mom” article, talked about how the writer felt the lack of appreciation and her feelings of not contributing enough. It’s this never ending comparison of who is more important or doing the hardest job.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve been both. I’ve been a stay at home mom. I know how it feels like to be at home 24/7 taking care of the kids, managing the house, doing chores, making sure bills are paid, making sure dinner is ready by the time the husband gets home, mowing the yard and the list goes on. At some point in my being a stay at home mom, I even find a way to bring in an extra income by teaching myself how to design website.

Back in 2009, I was forced out of circumstance to work outside the home. My husband was laid off work. Now, twelve years later, I am still working.

Now this isn’t about who contributes more or who is doing the hardest job. I know some women who can’t work outside of the home for many reasons and there is nothing wrong with that. I would be glad to just stay at home and concentrate on writing and being a photographer if I could afford it.

I also knows of many women who works outside of the home and whose jobs doesn’t end once they get home. Our jobs never stops.

I could actually brag, I mean brag all about the things I’m doing and contributing to the household since I started working 12 years ago and also the things I’m doing and contributing once I get home.

But, should I?

Several years ago, I most probably would. Maybe I did.

But years of experience and learning about who I am and what a family is, taught me otherwise.

It taught me that as women, we need to quit measuring our worth as to how much money we bring to the table.

It taught me, that being dressed in sweatpants and oversized shirts with messy buns all day doesn’t make me any less beautiful than someone who is dressed in power suits all day.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m very much aware that there are men, plenty of them, that measures our worth by the things we do and bring to the household, society included. I’m aware of those men and women who would be quick to say, “oh you’re just a stay at home mom.”

Well, guess what, make it stop there.

Raising a family is that thing where both parties agreed on who stays at home with the kids, who will work, etc., etc.

We need to put a stop to this never ending battle between sexes. Who brings more? Who works harder? Who sacrifices more? Who is stronger? Who is smarter?

Who is really?

Or is there?

The truth is.

We can end it.

You can end it.

You are not just a label.

You are you.

So who do you say you are?

It’s all up to you.


Until next time,


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