It’s Not About Me

For the past weeks or was it months (at least that’s how it felt like), I have this empty feelings about my IG account. Now if you know me personally, you would know how much I love photography.

But then it came to a point where all I see are people posting photos every day with all the hashtags that anyone could think of. And the day goes on. Every day it’s the same thing, like I’m watching a scene that is on repeat.

Except, there’s no connection. A deeper connection to be exact.

I guess, I was expecting more. It made me question if people actually read what I wrote. Or they just like the picture and then move on to the next?

Actually, this is my way of trying to connect to people. By using quotes as captions and occasionally by sharing my personal thoughts, I thought I’m connecting at a deeper level and giving meaning to what I capture. I figured, it would give everyone at least something to think about or get inspired with or something for us to have a conversation with.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much response about the quotes or my personal captions other than a few comments here and there on how much they like the picture. Most times, it’s just a like.

So what’s the problem with the likes? None at all. But, I was looking for something with more meaning. Somehow, those thumbs up, likes and 💯 I get occasionally doesn’t tell me anything. I feel empty. I feel like what I am doing doesn’t have meaning at all. It’s all superficial and no purpose.

I can count in my fingers the time someone actually said something about what I wrote. Maybe, people have this fear about getting personal or connecting on a personal level in a public platform? Maybe, I was using the wrong platform for something that’s a little bit personal to many?

Just when I was giving up on the idea of reaching out to someone with the quotes I share, someone proved me wrong.

I was told how my quotes made this person, in a way, to think about life. I actually have no idea which or how many quotes were involved, but does it matter?

Someone actually read it! And it tugged on the heartstrings.

This know how could have brought back a little bit of my interest in the platform, but it didn’t. At least, not at the moment. And I would say, not in the coming days or weeks.

Then, this morning, my Bible verse was from Exodus 35:35. My devotion talked about how our talents, skills, and gifts are not a coincidence; they are by design. That the creativity that lies within us reflects God’s wisdom in creating us, His masterpiece.

And I thought, well, what now? Is God asking me to keep doing what I’m doing, regardless?

I know I am not the best photographer out there. I know, I am not the best writer either. But, I am nothing without Him. So are my photographs and everything that I’ve written. I believe that we are all given this uniqueness not to boasts of ourselves but to be a testament of how great and loving our God is, in spite of…

To that one person, I know you said you’re going to start going back to church. That short talk we had, meant so much to me. And I pray that you find the peace that you so deserve and so much more.

As for me, I am going to take a much needed break from IG (possibly Facebook) for now.

I know God received my prayers this morning.

But this…

Having the wisdom of God’s heart….

This is what I needed.

Until next time,


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  1. moragnoffke says:

    I relate a lot to what you are sharing. I also write things with my IG post and people might even ask a question which shows they did not read it otherwise they would know the answer. I struggle sometimes because I feel what’s the point but I find at WordPress I get more readers and I find it more worthwhile.


    1. Thank you so much for visiting my humble platform. Up to now, I am still struggling and still debating whether to disable the account or just keep on posting, photographing and writing. And I think, (thanks to your comment) after re-reading this very same post, reaching one person at a time…is very much worth it. All the best! ❤️


      1. moragnoffke says:

        It is a pleasure. I believe even one real connection is worth it… Definitely more satisfying here on WordPress than IG although I post most of my art there still, here I post especially as I enjoy writing… All the best to you too. 🤗


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