What Happentance?

: a circumstance especially that is due to chance:

I am fifty years old. At my age, I still watch teenybopper movies like “What A Girl Wants” to some serious and hopelessly romantic movies like “The Notebook,” “Nights in Rodanthe” and “The Best of Me” just to give you an idea.

You can say, I am a mix of old and young, and definitely a hopeless romantic. I always believe in happily ever after…

I believe in true love, knights in shining armor, soulmates, destiny, fate, second chances and serendipity.

Many times, we are presented with happenings and coincidences that, more often than not, are ignored or set aside.

Usually it’s because of a multitude of reasons. C’mon now, it’s always like that in the movies, right?

Wrong timing, current relationships, fear of losing something or someone, fear of change, fear of what people would say, fear of hurting the ones we love and perhaps, fear of acknowledging our feelings and showing who we really are.

What do you think it would be like if Noah and Allie didn’t end up together?

Why do you think Tuck arranged for Dawson and Amanda to be together even up to his death?

And then, there’s Paul and Adrienne. Two tormented soul brought together so they can help each other heal.

And boy, was I glad that Henry finally decided to choose Libby and Daphne!?

Movies aside, I always believe that people meet and events happens for a reason.

They say that we meet people and things happen to serve as lessons. But, I beg to differ.

These happenstances and chance meetings are also called serendipity for – you guessed it – the same reason….


Although, it doesn’t always have a happy ending or end up in happily ever after…

At least not for all the people involved…

But it did serve its purpose.

It may not be one of the great stories ever told…

But it did gave you your reasons, right?

Until next time,


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