I’m sitting here in our living room by myself. No noise but the occasional sound coming from our wind chime hanging in our front porch.

Windows open wide letting the cool breeze in.

Peace. Calm. Quiet.

I wonder why some thrive on too much noise.

Noise from the tv screens.

Noise from others talking.

Noise coming from themselves.

Noise from wanting to know about everything else.

Noise from watching how others live their lives.

Noise from hearing others voices but themselves.

Have you ever had a moment sitting quietly with nothing in mind?

Where you just stared at some space and just looked at it? Aware of how it looks or how it completed the set up or how beautifully their colors blended. And you didn’t say anything…?

Or at times just savor the stillness .

I’ve had a lot of those moments. In fact I am very good at it.

I can get lost thinking of nothing.

I am not into too much outside noise.

Too much talking.

Too much complaining.

Too much criticizing.

And not enough listening.

Many times over,

We have to practice the pause.

The stillness.

The calm.

The quiet.

Just to see those that you haven’t yet.

And hear what could’ve been silence by the noise.

How about you? How are you being still?

Until next time,


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