Embracing Negative

I’ve seen it all and read it all.

This thing about positivity. Positive thoughts. Positive feelings. Positive influence. Positive vibes. Positive crowd. You get my point?

I have nothing against someone who sees and feels nothing but positivity. In fact, I have so much respect for those people.

But you know…

Negative feelings matter too.

Sadly, negativity is being looked at as just that, negative.

Isn’t it normal and okay to be sad?

Or angry.

To feel inadequate.

To feel like a failure.

To feel lost.

To be critical of oneself.

Or not have an answer for everything.

Or feel unsociable.

I think, these negative feelings need to be acknowledged too.

Just because someone doesn’t exude positivity all the time doesn’t make them less likeable.

Negative feelings and emotions have the same amount of validity and importance if not more.

Why can’t we say that it’s okay to feel like a failure? But you know what, a day or two from now, you will realize that your failure is what made you the person that you are now.

It’s okay to feel unloved and unwanted, because everyone has different needs. The same way that everyone loves differently. Someone’s definition of love and needs will not be the same as how I define it and want it. My needs are probably lesser or greater than theirs.

It’s okay to wake up one morning and feel like not getting out of bed.

It’s okay to not believe in yourself.

You know what’s not okay?

To keep those negative feelings and emotions to yourself.

Many times, I feel these negative feelings too.

And I embrace them.

I cry when I want to. I stay home when I need too. I love myself a little bit more when I feel unloved.

I tell myself I matter in those times that I feel unwanted.

I give myself a pat on the back during times where I feel inadequate or unappreciated.

And most importantly, I tell myself that my negative feelings are a byproduct of many things that I cannot control.

When the world is too busy looking after their own selves, they not only take what you have…

We also get blamed for it.

What ever happens,

Don’t let mister positive outshadow your negative.

Show him how to embrace it.

Until next time,


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