Spring of Hope

It’s been a while.

So what should I write when the whole world is hurting.

When isolating ourselves, social distancing, working from home for most and classes being held online becomes the norm.

I am currently on administrative leave from work and I’m not really sure for how long.

My daughter celebrated her eighteenth birthday four days ago in the confines of our home.

I have been repainting our living room for the past few days and somehow it helps me keep my mind occupied with something else other than what we are going through.

I never in my life imagined toilet paper to be a treasured possession but it seems like it is now.

Six days from now, I’ll be celebrating my fiftieth birthday. I didn’t have any plans of celebrating even before this crisis, but I was thinking of going out to eat. I don’t think this is possible now.

Saturday, we went out to try to find toiletries as our supply is running low and it took us two hours and several stores before finding some.

On our way home, I told my family that being out is more depressing for me than me being home.

You care to know why?

Nothing looks the same. I don’t know if you’ve noticed things like this as well or worse: even if you feel things like this or see feelings through other peoples eyes.

I do.

And it is depressing.

Since we’ve been placed on leave from work, I tried to spread positivity and hope by sharing personal prayers in my Instagram. Or sharing humorous post in my Facebook.

I am staying home as much as possible to do my part in helping to flatten the curve.


I pray we all see the end into this crisis sooner rather than later.

I pray for strength and guidance and wisdom and protection for everyone who is working 24/7 to contain this epidemic and save as many lives as they can.

I pray for patience and tolerance and faith and hope for each one of us.

I pray that pretty soon we see school buses out and about again.

For unified prayers to be back in all churches.

For families to share laughter and celebrate birthdays and weddings and anniversaries with big hugs and loud conversations.

For businesses to go back to their normal operations and providing their top notch services to their customers.

And I pray for all those in the frontlines a much needed rest. Quiet times with their families in the comforts of their own bed, together.

I know God’s hands are upon us. That all this didn’t happen so He can take away everything that we have and enjoy.

It happened so that we may learn to appreciate the unappreciated blessings of having families, friends, food, laughter, togetherness and our abilities to pray as one.

In the meantime, here are a few things that I believe will see us through.

• Prayers. Don’t forget we have a God who is all powerful. ⁣

• Patience. Just think about how many lives can be saved if we all do our part in flattening the curve. #stayhome.⁣

• Keep the Humor. Don’t forget to laugh. Share a laugh with others or be the reason someone laughs.⁣

• Stop complaining. Don’t add to an already difficult situation. ⁣

• Love. If you can’t give it or share it, at least be kind. ⁣

I know we will all come out of this a much better and appreciative being.

And we should.


P.S. On a lighter note, what would be the first thing you’d like to do when all of this is over?


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