Things I Learned Before Fifty

Next month, yours truly, will be celebrating the big 5-0!

Actually, no big celebration is in the works as I don’t like partying or socializing much.

Every year, I write myself a birthday letter but this year, I don’t feel like doing it.

Instead, I am going to share the things I’ve learned in no particular order.

• Age is just a number. But sometimes, numbers lie.

• Love is not what you say. It’s what you do.

• You can’t talk sense or reason to people who thinks they’re the only one who makes sense.

• You can be the most likeable or agreeable person, but there will still be people who won’t like you or agree with you, just because it’s you.

• It’s okay to not be nice.

• It’s okay to not have an answer or a reason for everything.

• It’s okay to love less.

• It’s okay to be mad and express it however you feel it.

• Just because Dr. Seuss said, “ Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”, doesn’t mean your tears don’t matter. Cry if you must,

• Never ever beg.

• Don’t listen to what people say. Watch what they do.

• There are two kinds of arguments. Silent and loud. Sometimes, you have to pick one over the other.

• There are people who will never admit to their mistakes.

• If words have power, so does silence.

• People fall out of love too.

• Not everyone is worth fighting for.

• Love and kindness have two faces. One for public and the other one for private. One is better than the other.

• Sorry is for the strong of hearts.

• It costs nothing to be kind. But no need to brag about it either.

• Good deeds are much better when done in secrecy.

• It’s okay to not be okay.

• It’s okay to NOT know everything.

• It’s okay to admit when you are wrong.

• Accomplished can be a lot of things.

• Learn to love your own company.

• The moment you learn how to walk away from an argument, you win.

• Sometimes “I don’t know” is the wisest answer.

• The list “what not to wear at 50” doesn’t apply to me.

And lastly, if there is a list on how to act when you’re 50, sorry that doesn’t apply to me either.

Do you have anything to add to my list

Until next time,


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