Picture Perfect!

In photography, it’s not enough that we have a good camera. Knowing how to use it properly is of upmost importance. I am a natural light photographer, so the time of day plays an equally important role. Luck and timing is needed at certain times if not most. But one that is not given much emphasis is the person’s ability to see something extraordinary out of something ordinary. This is what makes a photograph.

Such is life. Often times, we miss the opportunity to see something extraordinary in our everyday life, in our relationships, and our daily dealings with others. At those times that we see something, we often times fail to acknowledge it or better yet put emphasis on it. I’ve been working as a housekeeper for eleven years, and you know what I remember the most out of those years? It’s those times when someone stops to talk to me or when someone writes me notes saying how much I am appreciated and how much they look forward to my smile and positivity every morning.

You see, when photographers receives accolades for their works, that tells them what they want to know.

Just like photography, life is a hit and miss. But unlike photography, we don’t usually get the pat on the back, the thank yous, the I love what you did or you’re amazing! Perhaps we assume that it won’t really matter. Maybe because, it’s easier to hit like, or comment with a gif or just not say anything at all.

But you know what? Sometimes, others need to hear the extraordinary things about them, not to boost their ego but mostly just to know they are being seen.

So next time you see something extraordinary on someone, please say it with words. Beautiful words are meant to be spoken. Trust me, you’ll feel better too! After all, those likes are not saying anything. I’d rather hear what you have to say!

Until next time,