Invisible Kindness

I’m pretty sure a lot of you have seen the animated movie Klaus, even before I did.

But, I am surprised that nobody talked much about it. Perhaps, it’s because it’s just a children’s movie and an animated one at that.

We have so so much to learn in this movie. How much we, adults influence our children and everyone else around us.

And yet, we choose to be consumed with anger, hatred, judgment for others, the desire to be better than someone else, being on top of the other, helping so we can get something back – whether it be physical, monetary or getting praised. It is sad and it is true. But nobody wants to talk about it or admit it.

We have a lot to learn from our children. But because, we took away that opportunity for them to be children, we are raising them to be angry, hateful, judgmental and disrespectful. We are not teaching them that happiness can be found in the simplest of things, in having a family and in helping and being kind to others, no matter who they are.

And I wish for a world where we can all be kind and accepting of one another.

Until next time,