Accepting To Less Expecting


Hey, you might be wondering if you’re in the right site and what happened to LifeSeeingLenses. You are in the right place and this is me, Charina. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to get into this writing thing and actually claim it. So, I am retiring LifeSeeingLenses to give way to Charina.Writes. I am excited! I hope you’ll share my excitement and stay!

Now, let’s get real! Would you let me let you in on a secret? For the past twelve years, I’ve been on this roller coaster ride with my dreams and goals. That also includes up and down emotions and shattered dreams. I fed myself with this ridiculous ideas that everything will come easy. That because I believe I can write and do this other stuff, I’ll be on my way to being “somebody,” easily. Piece of cake. Ehhh, wrong! Am I in for some disappointments? More than my heart, pride and heart could actually handle. So, I backed off. I told myself, you know…this is not for you Charina. You are no Ann Voskamp or Holley Gerth or Emily Freeman or Annie Downs. Lets face it, I am NOT them…obviously. Defeat accepted…

But with that comes, less expectation. After accepting the reality that I could never be anybody but myself, I started to expect less. I quit looking for escape and reasons to blame others and circumstances, but myself. I’ve realized that I enjoy writing more when I focus less on expectations for more followers or more likes or being somebody or going viral and yes, making money. I love to write, so just do it and enjoy it! And, I’m telling you, this is the most freeing thing I’ve done for myself!


With that said, I am excited and thrilled to start this new beginning. I do hope that after reading this, you’ve decided to stay and follow along with me. I would love to make new friends and if you don’t mind, would you bring along some friends too? We can all grow together, cry together, be crazy together and find ourselves together. After all, life is happier when shared with friends!

Thanks for being my friend!

P.S. I am on Instagram! I would love for you to follow along with me there too! Would love to get to know you! charina.writes on Instagram


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