{Of Self Love & Grieving}

Experts say that we should let ourselves grieve. And that the best way to help others that are hurting or grieving is to acknowledge their pains and sadness. No need for exchange of words, but just to be there even in silence helps someone who is hurting or grieving more than telling them to “get over it” or “I know you are hurting”, but…

I believe for this to be true. People go through the process of grieving, hurting and sadness which are unique to their own strength and personalities differently, and at their own pace. I am talking about all kinds of grieving, sadness and pains here – even the ones we considered everyday little things that hurt us and have caused us pain and brought us sadness.

To some people, they can get over a feeling of hurt and sadness within a few hours of the event. To others, maybe a few days, weeks or months. But, there are others who take longer than anyone else. It could even take years for some.


All I know, I can get over a feeling of hurt, sadness or anger at different levels, intensity or paces. It all depends on who was involved, what was said, the kind of act or how frequent it’s been done. In the end, I always end being a better and stronger person than I was.

One thing that I learned though, no matter how long it takes for us to grieve or be in pain or sad or angry – to never ever hold on to it. We should always let go of the things that hurt us or cause us to grieve. I no longer let myself be bothered by unfair and unkind things, actions, words and treatment of others. It is more a reflection of who they are, more than of what and who I am. I learned that there is no greater love that I can have other than self-love.

So go ahead, grieve as long as you want, then pick up that broken pieces and love that unique masterpiece that you are.

Let go, let go –  and be free..

“Self love is asking yourself what you need – everyday – and then making sure you receive it.”



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