It’s All In The Details

We have had the privilege of visiting the Library of Congress last Saturday and the details from the outside of the building, all the way to the interior design, is just outstanding! Can you imagine how much work went into completing such meticulous designs?


Which makes me wonder, how much work does God set aside for us individually? You know, from the moment we were conceived, all the way to our birth and to every single moment of our lives. Do you think, he’s the type of father who would just abandon us, just because we keep messing up this thing, called life?

I am not a perfect person…nor a perfect wife or mother or friend. I’m just not perfect. But, truth be told…I have talked and acted and behaved like I am one. Without realizing it.

I’ve messed up many times, made mistakes, made bad choices and more often than not instead of acknowledging my faults, I blame His Almighty or someone else. Aren’t we all guilty of that? We take comfort in having the ability to blame someone else for the way we react at something or at our own lack of control of our behavior. It’s a sad escape, and coward if I may so.


Through these years, as I go through life…God continues to work on the details of my life, on who I am as a person. I may be adding what is not needed, removing what should stay or altering what’s ahead, it always, always ends up adding to the details. Our God is patient, loving  and on hand like that.

If we are to show every details of our life according to what we went through, how much we suffer, how much we grow as an individual, how much empathy we have, how much anger is consuming us and how much love we failed to give….all these can add or subtract to the structure of who we are.

God is working on the details but it is up to us to give it luster, or would we rather…it rust?

“All that shine can be blinding and the rusting embarrassing, but a shine that is deceiving is far less worthy than a rust that is all of honest good will.” MCB




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