Of Webs & Dew Drops

Yesterday, while on my walk back to my area of work…I took that few minutes out to enjoy the scenery. I purposely walk slowly and took my time admiring the things that I passed along the way.

One of the things that caught my attention is the plant pictured above. It was covered in webs and dew drops from the light rain that morning. I was amazed at how unassumingly attractive it was. How can such a small creature such as a spider make such a strong and magnificent creation? How can it hold the dew drops in such intricate and beautiful patterns? And then while I was looking at this particular photo, I can’t help but think about the webs in our life…

In our desire to be somebody, perhaps to prove something or in our quest for happiness and desire to find ourselves…we create our own tangled webs. In some cases, these webs that we create, result in more tangled webs…so twisted, complicated and chaotic that we can’t find our way out.

But to some, the webs serve as a valuable lesson. Its intricacies and complexities brought nothing but a furthering strength to each thread. Yet soft and gentle still to hold dew drops without it bursting in place.

And then, there are others – who not only try to hide the webs that they created but also  aim for its destruction. Instead of working their way out, they took the easiest way out.

I believe we each have created a web in our life in one way or another. And only in acknowledging that we did so, and learning from it can we only appreciate its intricacies and complexities. You can break the web; but, the invisible thread of strength remains.

And the dew drops….it will be a gentle reminder that you cannot be truly broken.


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