Fine as a Pine

You might be wondering why I blog about life experiences, emotions and such on a photography site. Why not write about photography? Believe it or not, I thought about the same thing. I was worried that it may turn off possible clients because…I am being transparent with my life, my thoughts and with my emotions. But you see, I don’t consider myself an expert to write about photography. I love photography and I use this love to capture moments which I hope my clients will treasure for the rest of their lives. And that’s basically what I am after.

I don’t consider myself an expert on life as well, but I do my best to live it in a way – that may not be outstanding and pleasing at all times…..but is worthy of something.


Okay, what do pine cones have to do with this, you may ask? I am always fascinated with pine cones. I find them distinct and beautiful…even if it’s not as colorful, even if it’s not delicate, even if it is hard and has sticky-pointy scales…even when on the ground, grenade shape and all. I don’t know much about pine cones, so I did some research about them (okay I googled it) and what I learned fascinated me even more.

I learned that pine cones are only the female of the species. The males cones, even at maturity, are smaller, softer, less impressive and much less distinctive than the iconic female cones. The male cones, releases pollen, which drifts into the air and eventually find female cones. Did you know, that the “Pineal Gland“, the geographic center of our brain, is named for the Pine Cone, because of its shape? If you want to know what the Pineal Gland does for our body, I suggest you google it. Throughout history, cones have been symbolic of immortality, human enlightenment and the “third eye“. There is so much more but I suggest you find out all about it yourselves.

Female of the species! Can you believe that?!? The word here is female. God made us females, very special. The dictionary defined feminine as that of “having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.”

But obviously, God had a much better idea of who and what we are. We are not made to be just delicate and pretty. There is so much more to us being female. So don’t let the definition of being feminine or what femininity looks like define you.

So if someone tells you, you are just a female….

Show them you are, as Fine as a Pine!


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