Seeing Beauty

I guess one of the most challenging things nowadays is having to see beauty in everything. Whether it be in physical form or something that goes beyond what we can see.

I am talking about beauty beyond its superficial form. Something that’s more than meets the eye. Something that may not be outwardly visible but it’s there. Something that is seen through –  purposely with the heart.

You may be wondering how and why I keep writing about “good stuff”? If I ever get mad or sad or  disappointed at all? I do, and when I do….it’s bad and it’s deep. And I cry many times and it’s hard for me to forget….so much so, that the memory stays with me for a very long time. So, how do I see beauty in all of these?

I look at how the circumstances made me as a person. I am a strong believer in the saying that things happen for a reason or that we meet people not by coincidence; we’re not put at a certain place or job by accident…much worse as a punishment. I believe that everything is connected as to who and what we are then, now, and as to who and what we will be in the future. I believe that there are no mistakes, no failures, no wasted times and yes even love lost. But only if we look at it that way. Is it easy? No it is not. There is nothing easy in losing or considering yourself a failure or the feeling of not being good enough. There is nothing easy in not knowing the answers and not finding the truth. And there is nothing easy in being raw and honest and seeing the beauty in the midst of all of these.


If we start to look at how it impacted us positively as a person….we will start to see beauty in it.

Many times, I ask myself or I question God…why do these things happen? Or what have I done wrong to deserve such treatments? Do I know the answers right away? No. But God does answer in ways that only He can. In His chosen times. We just have to pay attention and listen.


And in all of these, I learned to see beauty. Beauty in the person that hurt me. I learned understanding and forgiveness and humility. I learned that people will do or say things that will hurt me, perhaps unintentionally…not because I deserve it, but because that person doesn’t know any better; in terms of expressing themselves or showing how they feel. Perhaps, they are still in the process of finding themselves. I learned patience when things are not going the way I want it. Most times, it’s not because I am not deserving of it….but rather, I am being prepared for something bigger and better.

I learned that in only freeing our hearts of anger and bitterness… letting go of the blaming game….

and only in letting our heart see the beauty in everything….

will our eyes truly appreciate beauty within.



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