Mists of Antiquity

“something that obscures understanding”

I’ve always been a trusting person. I always wear my heart over my sleeve. I love faithfully and deeply. I also trust wholeheartedly. I always think the good about people, especially of the ones I cared about or have known for quite a while.


And I don’t just trust or love or care for just anyone. When I say I love you and care for you and trust you, it is something that didn’t come easy. It means there is something in you that I didn’t see with anyone else. It is a feeling that is not given to many. It is special just as much as I think you are.


I also hurt easy.

Lost for words. Mixed feelings. Broken heart.

Like a mist of antiquity….

“Most times it’s not the things that were done that hurt the most, but rather who did what and at what expense it was done.”

I wish I can say I understand…


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