Tangled Beauty

How can someone or something that is tangled up…be beautiful? In short, is there such a thing as beautifully confused or beautifully complicated and chaotic?

I’m sure if we were to ask people, most will probably describe beauty as something more predictive and orderly. Someone or something who’s in charge or know what they are doing.

Can a confused, complicated and sometimes messy and chaotic individual still be beautiful? I am not talking about the physical beauty. I am talking about the person as a whole. To most people…a complicated, confused and chaotic person is labeled as crazy and difficult. Someone that needs to be avoided at all cost.


What if I told you that I, too – can be complicated, confused and, yes, chaotic at times. You know, when you feel like everything in your life, your decisions, your plans, your feelings…including your thoughts are all tangled up. When you feel like a failure. Or perhaps you label yourself crazy. Or when you consider yourself weak. Or when you look in the mirror and all you see is a chaotic mess..not physically but deep down. Something that nobody else can see.

But, in spite of all this tangled mess, you find your inner strength. You figure your way out.


You learn….

You grow….

And bloom.

Hello there! As always, it’s nice to have you here at Life Seeing Lenses. Spring is upon us and I am excited for warmer weather and blooms and all things new.

And yes, there is such a thing as a tangled beauty.



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