Beautifully Bruised

I found this beauty laying on the brick walkway at work . It was there, probably waiting to be picked up or wondering if somebody would notice. I have no idea if somebody else found her beautiful or if somebody took a few minutes out of their time to admire her. I did.

I find everything about her beautiful, even the slight browning in some of her petals, which I didn’t notice at first. I think it added character to her…and a beautiful addition at that!

Have you ever looked at a person like this? I mean, when you look at someone…what gets your attention first? Is it their physical beauty? Is it the tiny brown spots on their skin? Or their level in society? Their color?



How many times have you missed an opportunity to know someone just because you don’t like what you see?

How many times did you try to hide your bruises by camouflaging it the best way you know how?

Was there ever a time when someone told you…

You know what?

I can see you’ve been bruised…

But you don’t need to hide,

Because you’ve been….

Beautifully bruised.


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