We each have stories to tell. Each one different from the others, each one revealing lessons and each one magnifying our strengths.

I read somewhere that we shouldn’t be ashamed to tell our stories no matter how little or simple we think it is. For this simple stories of ours could be just what someone else  needed.

I have plenty of stories to tell you. Each one different from the others. Each one, showing different phases of my life. Each one revealing different levels of weaknesses and strengths. But, somewhere along the way, while all these stories are manifesting itself in my very eyes, I lost myself in the process. I no longer want to share or write. That fire that I used to have in writing, got buried somewhere – together with all my disappointments, pains, anger and my longing for understanding and connections. For some reason, I couldn’t find it. I felt like, no matter what I do and say, and how much I tried, I can’t find it. At the rare times that I do find it, it only last long enough to add salt to an already aching soul.

I wonder why not too many people write about sad stories….of failures, of losing, of being alone, of not finding self, or being who they are in this pretentious and uncaring world. 

I wonder why it is easier to write about triumphs and successes and happy thoughts and knowing just where you want to be and how to get there.

I mean, why can’t we just say it out loud…you know,

Today, I barely made it out of bed. But I did. 

Today, I feel invisible. But I still showed up.

Today, I feel like a failure. But I’m still fighting.

Today, I feel like nobody is listening. So, I only talk about what everyone wants to hear. 

Today, I feel lost. But still went on my way. 

Today, I want you to see my tears and feel my sadness. But instead showed up with a smile and replied, I am okay. 

For we are like silhouettes. Others can see the outline. Admire the background. And miss the very soul hidden by the dark. 

***This post is dedicated to everyone who are battling their own dark that they have not talk about. Know that there are people who sees you and hears you and loves you and celebrates you. You are never alone.***


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