Mending Fences

“I’d like to mend fences with you. Not because you are right and I am wrong. Nor because I am weak and you are strong….

Mending fences….such an easy thing to say but why is it so hard to do…?

So, how do we mend fences? Who should go first? Is there ever such a thing as letting the one who hurt us do the mending first?


I’m sure you have had your fences broken in one way or the other. So have I. Countless times. It’s about little things. Some shallow…and childish. At other times – big, sometimes small. Then…there are the deep ones. Those that leaves a huge gash, a wider opening. Those that not only pulled a nail here and there but also hammered the nail back…perhaps hammered extra ones where it’s not needed.

but rather I am admitting I value the relationship more than who is right and who is wrong. Perhaps, if we just mend this fences….

And then….

after all the hurt…

the anger…



and silence.


Like any experienced and skilled landscaper….

We try to mend the fences back.

Only this time…

We take an extra effort to make it right.

The pieces better and stronger.

And put the nails only where it’s needed.

What about the huge gash….?

Can’t you see…?

                              …it added beauty and meaning to the mended fences.


We’ll realized we are not erecting walls but…building bridges.”

****It’s been a while since my last blog. And, it’s so good to write again and yes be out and enjoy the scenery with no other than my family. I hope you’ll find inspiration in my writing and find the humility and strength to mend those fences. Much love….Charina***


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