As We See It

I’ve blogged several times how I love dandelions. And how most times, I see a wish instead of a weed. And it’s the truth.

But then, there is also the reality that…a weed will always be a weed, an evil – evil, and a bad thing will always be a bad thing. Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that it is what we see it.


Seeing the good about everything.

I always try to see the good about people, things, situations and everything that life has brought. I wish I have a good explanation as to why. Perhaps, it is easier to hide the truth than to confront the bad. And I don’t really know why I keep on writing, because…to be honest, I have only two followers and people…yes including the ones that I know, don’t even care what I do or write. In short, nobody reads what I post. But the truth is, I write not for one or two people or not for the accolades of the whole world….I write for myself.


Social Media As I See It.

Come Tuesday, It will be two weeks since I deactivated my Facebook account. I have not missed it one bit. I also have not lost anything. In fact, the past few days have been the quietest. I also found out one thing. No matter how many hundreds of your friends are on social media, they won’t notice if you’re gone. Your comments, likes, and yes, YOU – don’t really matter. We are just an emoji, a thumbs up….a number. Gone are the real connections that truly care. If you’re gone, you’re gone. No one cares. And that’s how it is.

“We are but an emoji, a thumbs up…a number.”


One Way Relationship As I See It

I don’t have a lot of close friends. When I say a lot, I or maybe two. So what does a close friend mean to me? If you fall in my category of a close friend, you will know a lot about me, probably more than you should. I won’t be ashamed to cry in front of you, even look stupid in front of you. And my greatest fault, it could be a one way relationship…with me doing all the efforts and I see nothing wrong with it. But then, as all relationships go…time will let you see reality. When it does, that’s when you realize that one way is just basically it….a one way thing. One way in the sense that only one person is doing most of the effort. Most times, a one way relationship whether it be friendship or marital….progresses not as much. In fact, if you want a relationship to end, one way is how you do it.

“If you want a relationship to end, one way is how you do it.”


As We See It

Life has a funny way of showing us things. And if we are here with the sole purpose of meeting someone or everyone’s expectation of what makes a good friend, or how I can be considered a successful person, or how should I go viral…then we are seeing it as what everyone wants us to see it.

“If we start looking at everything as how it is, we will not only be honest to ourselves, we are also freeing ourselves of the many lies that we feed our own mind. As we see it may not always be a good thing, but it is the best thing.”




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