Pointed Edges


I don’t know if I am more excited about sharing my pictures or writing my thoughts. I guess both, because it won’t be complete without the other. I live in a rural area and to say that there’s not much to photograph here as far as outstanding places are concerned is an understatement! So to come up with photographs that would inspire me to write is a challenge. But…when you need a release, you accept the challenge.


What makes something or someone unique? Is it their smooth facade or their pointed edges? I think in reality, we are easily charmed by things or individuals who are always calm, have smooth-clean appearance…someone who at first glance wouldn’t even harm a fly. You know what I mean?

What about those things with pointed or sharp edges? Aren’t we not to mess with those? Grubby-messy look, dirty appearance or something not trusty looking. Stay away from things that could cut or hurt you…


But are all pointed edges ugly and harmful? Is everything smooth, beautiful and harmless?

I don’t know about you, but I have seen things and have met people who we characterized as someone with pointed edges and they were nowhere near to being ugly and harmful. I have met people with such smooth-clean appearance and calm demeanor but – that is NOT all they are.

I think this pointed edges…this is what makes some of the things more beautiful. This is what makes them unique, tough and more real.


After all, life isn’t all smooth sailing. Those pointed edges….those are the real thing.

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How are you treating those edges?


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