Life in Black & White


I love writing. I love photography. I have to have both. My photos give life to my writing and vice versa. Without these two, I don’t think I would be who I am. Something would be missing.

Not too long ago, someone…a very dear friend, told me to quit listening to music or reading things that stir my emotions. That I have to avoid being by myself, perhaps to avoid overthinking. At some point I did do all that, for the same reason that my dear friend had told me.


It worked for the time being. Until I realized something is missing. You see, I am the music that I listen to or the things that I read, or the thoughts that I share to a certain few, even the feelings that I share with a chosen few. I am me when I am alone. I am me when I am with you. You take away one and the whole puzzle will not be complete.

When we ask someone to take away the things that magnify who they are and not do things that characterize who they are, it is like taking away all the colors that makes them who they are.


It is like telling them to live life in black and white.

Can you imagine living a life that is all in black and white?


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