Joy Bringers

Life consists of many simple and ordinary things. And I find joy in them…

As I was getting ready yesterday to help out with our church Barbeque Fundraiser, I glanced at my shoes and somehow the combinations of the shoe color and my leggings brought me joy. Perhaps it’s also the realization that this cleaning blogger who used to prefer sneakers over walking/running shoes now enjoys wearing them. Actually, I only wear two – because they’re light, not bulky and does not make my feet look big and alas, both shoes belongs to my daughter. So, I don’t actually own them, I just borrow them.

Being the photographer that I am, I took a photo of it. Just like the initial feeling of joy that I felt when I glanced at it, the photograph brought the same amount of joy to me. Which got me to thinking, why do we only tend to talk, photograph, brag or share about the grand and the big things? Why NOT the simple things? Why not anything that brought us simple joys, no matter how shallow it may sound or look, no matter how childish we thought it may be or how ordinary looking and sounding it is.

Let me see. Being able to walk around school (anywhere for that matter) on a nice weather with a cool breeze, brings my daughter joy. The same with being able to talk to her friends and not talk or worry about school. As for my husband, he said that…us (our daughter and I), brings him joy. My nephew, who is the Assistant Vice-President and Head of the Business Development Group at First Metro Securities Brokerage in the Philippines, other than being able to help family and friends, his dogs (and puppies) – getting to eat street foods and de-cluttering (he’s a minimalist; think a of guy Marie Kondo), brings him joy. A very dear friend (due to his very busy schedule), finds being able to watch movies by himself or play golf with friends joyful. My older sister, finds joy with their dogs, seeing her plants blooming with flowers or just being able to sit in her backyard. My youngest sister finds joy in her cooking, gardening and seeing her plants bloom.

But, we don’t really talk about it as much. Because, they’re just simple – ordinary things. Things that in reality, we take for granted. Things that we, instead, should be grateful and bragging about. After all, who would want costly joy bringers when we could find it in our home, our backyard, our fur families, an alone time and yes, finding a light comfy shoes with good colors to match!

What about you? What are your joy bringers?

As for me, I find it joyful and a blessing to be able to share my thoughts, photos and life with you all. And someday, I hope I’ll be remembered as someone who inspires..perhaps, a joy bringer?



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