True Connections

Back when I first joined Facebook nine years ago (I think), I thought it was the best thing that ever happened since the internet. Imagine being able to connect to hundreds, even thousands of people and friends that you haven’t talked to or seen for years. Imagine being able to share photos with family within minutes of uploading. Seeing their reactions to everything that you’re doing and everything that’s going on with your life. And it was wonderful.

But then, are we really connected?


The past few months has been a battle of deactivating and activating my account. I was torn between cutting it off or staying, so I can communicate and update family back home easily. Sometimes, I would do my own detoxing and deactivate for a few days to a week. Most times, I’m signed out and will only do a quick check to see if I’m missing anything important from family.

Those times that I am disconnected, I spent to re-connect with myself. I chose to be active doing something that my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health needs. And it was the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. I have lost weight. I am happier. My self-esteem is better. In turn, my relationship with my family and my attitude towards work is better. It’s like the burden to belong, to be in the loop, to be accepted, to always have something exciting to share with everyone doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t know about you, but I felt like this place is a big stage where everyone is playing a role. And it’s taking away the real and true connections. Maybe, it’s just me?

Social media (Facebook in particular) and smartphones, have ruined relationships and true connections. We are so busy updating our statuses, checking in and finding out what’s going on with other people and the world, that we miss seeing a moment that will probably never happen again. We miss seeing the person in front of us. We miss enjoying  and living for the moment. The world sees it, but we really don’t…..

I’m pretty sure, this post will raise quite a few eyebrows…


Please, don’t let a moment pass you by. Don’t miss a smile or a few tears or a stare just because you’re so busy doing something else…..

Let those people in your life know they matter, the old-fashioned way.

Look them in the eyes. Listen, really listen. Hold their hands. Hug them. Appreciate them. Tell them you love them. Kiss them. Call them. Spend time with them. Be present, truly present.

And yes,

Facebook doesn’t have to know.


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  1. Arlene illescas says:

    I miss the days when friends, relatives and group mates hold their affairs, with little food on the table, and lots of talking… Personal comments.. Hi’s and hello’s all with smiling faces.. Beautiful and sincere smiles…
    The warm feeling that they are truly happy to see you..
    Those are the times that friends and family really connect.. You have all the time to exchange news and pleasantries with everyone.. Without the annoying camera flashes…

    I might say this…
    I am for taking pictures with the family and friends… Lots of them, actually.. They are the memories that will stay.. Even after i lose mine… ❤❤
    Thank you for this..

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    1. I’m with you on this sister. Thank you for the honest comments. Love you all!


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