Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Be your own kind of beautiful…

When I was younger, I worried a lot about what others thought of me. I got upset easily on their opinions, more so if it’s something that is not true, and yes something that I don’t agree with.

It took me a whole forty-eight years to change that outlook in life. To accept the reality that I am not and will never be everyone’s cup of tea.

I realized that, I will never be enough, will never be good enough, not smart enough, not good-looking enough, not skinny enough….and so on.

I’m not good enough because I am MORE than enough…

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen or read that quote where it says, to never let someone tell you, you are not good enough. Well, in all honesty here, there will always be that someone who will make you feel that way, no matter who you are, what you do and how much you give. Truth of the matter is, it’s easy for someone to tell you that you are enough and not to let anybody tell you otherwise. But….the sad reality here is, no matter how secure we are and how emotionally stable we are, that feeling will always creep on us….that we are not good enough.

You don’t have to be anybody’s cup of tea…

And this thing about being everyone’s cup of tea…? Who came up with this idea anyway? I’m pretty sure we are all guilty of it. Just because, we allow society to dictate who we should be. We allow others to define who we are. We allow society to shape our thinking, that to be accepted, we have to fit into this box, a box of uncertainties and lies…..of a make-believe world. With our desire to fit in and be everyone’s cup of tea, we forget who we really are.

I am my (own) cup of tea

This is where my true happiness comes from. Accepting all my flaws and loving my self for it. It’s the time when I realize that I am more than enough, so much more that not everyone can take it. It’s not because I am lacking but rather I have more than what they want of me. They want less of me so that they can be more. They want me to blend in, so I won’t know what it’s like to stand out. This is not a “bragging” realization but rather a “humble awakening”. And it is long overdue.

And to you, who thinks you are not good enough, you are more than enough. You don’t  have to be anybody’s cup of tea. Be your own kind of beautiful. You are your own cup of tea. Be that!

After all….

life is like a cup of tea…..its’ all in how we make it.



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