When we talk about wounds, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

This Oak tree is just one of the many that we have in our yard. One stormy night, a lightning hit it. As mightily as is it standing, you can tell that it is still trying to show it strength. Wounded…but still fighting.


One look at it and you can tell it’s aged and been through a lot. One look at it and you can see its strength, standing proudly and magnificently. One look at it and you can see it’s been wounded.

Have you met someone who is as happy as can be. Someone who is always cracking jokes. Someone who seems to have no care in the world. Someone who is carefree and just happy to be alive.

But, deep inside….that someone is wounded. Wounded by the past. Wounded by harsh words. Wounded by unfair treatment. Wounded by being judged. Wounded by unanswered questions. Wounded by being unloved.

Those wounds, hidden but not forgotten. Unseen but not healed. Tough on the outside but breaking in the inside.


Some wounds are obvious.

Some wounds never heal.

Some wounds are visible.

Some wounds remain hidden.

What may look tough could be breaking.

Looks sure could be deceiving.

Today, my daughter turned 15 years old! And in 10 days, yours truly will be 47 years old. Yes, I don’t cringe at mentioning my age. To me, age are just numbers. I could probably be the most childlike 47 years old you’ll ever meet. Anyway, I know how it’s like to be wounded emotionally and I do know of someone who is still living with a wound so deep, and unanswered questions and longing that may not be fulfilled. Regardless of who and where you are at now, if you’ve been wounded…be like this Oak tree. Stand tall and proud and keep fighting. Someone, somewhere is admiring that strength from afar.


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