Deceiving Beauty


It’s been quite a busy past weeks. I miss sharing photos with you all and miss sharing my thoughts. But life, as its always been – has a way of distracting us. Work, family matters and the many other things that we allow to take away our ability to enjoy life and take things slowly.


Photography, just like life and relationships…we have to purposely make time for it. Not let the busyness of life take our freedom to see the beauty in everyday things. To show that there is more to life and we have to make sure it doesn’t pass us by.


The past few days, I have come to appreciate the true meaning of friendship…of loving, accepting and forgiving because this is what we should do. I can’t help but compare it to the beauty of a cactus. Only, most of us…we are a master of hiding our own pain and sufferings. We are a master of our own show. A show of what is only the beautiful, the good and the happy.


In the end, we learn that sometimes no matter how much we care and love a person or whatever it is that hinders us from moving on, from growing and from appreciating those who always take their time to love us for what we are…we learn to let go.

We grow.


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