Genuinely Authentic

How do you define authenticity?

You all, I am sitting in my favorite spot right now (top floor stairwell), being intentional in my writing.

Do you all think there is power in being genuinely authentic? I’m talking about not being afraid to show our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, how deeply we love, how limited our knowledge of things are. In my case, having an accent and pronouncing words differently than most of you do. Others would probably think of it as funny but that’s me being my authentic self. But does it really matter?

Authenticity to me is humbling and freeing. It’s me crying over a scene from The Notebook or Serendipity and even Klaus (actually just about anything).

It’s me proudly wearing this $15 dress, $24 shoes and $20 jacket.

But there is more to authenticity than being genuine in our outward appearances or saying what we want to say.

Genuine authenticity are those moments when we shamelessly admit to our faults, talk about our inadequacy, silently disagree with someone, unapologetically praise someone and give love so deep it hurts and is glorious all at the same time.

It’s loving and trusting another being with your heart and soul. It’s being unapologetically broken. It can be endearingly careless and soothingly guarded at times.

But sometimes, authenticity lies. It can hurt. It can be cruel. It can be selfish. It can be disabling. It can break you. It can also be proud and arrogant.

Sometimes, authenticity uses the wrong voice or it may say nothing at all. There are also times that its actions or inactions convey a wrong message.

Authenticity is so powerful it can make or break a situation or another being. But no matter the case, nothing can be better than the one that heals souls.

Until next time,

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