Go Where Your Heart Is

It’s been a while since I’ve been out with my camera. In fact, I have not been proactive in promoting whatever I started. I can’t tell you exactly why, all I know, at some point in my life, I don’t feel like doing photography for a business anymore. When I first started, I’m doing it for the love of it. It’s something that I enjoy doing. Something that makes my heart happy. Of course, making money for doing something I love is definitely a bonus. But it’s NOT all about the money. I want something more. So, I took the time out – hoping that one day I’ll be inspired to see life through my lenses again.


I think I found it. I am volunteering my time and services to Snow  Camp Outdoor Theatre, who for forty years has presented quality performances in picturesque Snow Camp, N.C. I hope that through this volunteering effort, I truly found what I am missing. I hope that I grow as an individual, as a community member and as a photographer. Most importantly, that I will be able to contribute something to the theatre and the community that I have grown to love and considered my second home for the past fifteen years.

Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre is in need of volunteers as well as monetary donations to rehabilitate, restore and reestablish the theatre as a production site. If you think you are able to help by giving your time, skills or help financially, you can do so by visiting their website or by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

I am looking forward to sharing this exciting endeavor in the days ahead.

Until then,



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