Campus Life

3bwmarkedIt’s been an above average kind of temperature here in NC the past few days and yesterday was such a beautiful day to venture out. With some hesitations due to lack of ideas on what to shoot, I grabbed my camera from the car and hope for the best.


But when you love what you do, running out of ideas is not a problem. In my case, I do my best to find beauty in everything. There’s just so much stories waiting to be captured and be told.


I am not the type to ask a stranger to pose for pictures. Probably due to shyness or fear of being turned down. But yesterday, I did. And this young boy, #DylanStrong needs our help.


Don’t you think there’s so much stories waiting to be captured and shared with the world? We just have to make sure to make time for it.


Not to judge and look for the ugliness….


But to be as one…






Give it as often as you can.


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