Bird Watching


Yesterday, as I was busy doing something, my daughter told me there’s a big fluffy bird nearby. I can’t even remember now what I was doing. I am so glad my daughter rushed me and told me about it. I could have missed the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous beauties!


To be honest, I was tempted to make the railings whiter and cleaner but…I’m not into photo shopping my photos. Don’t get me wrong, I have so much admiration and respect to those who can make the sky stand out, add clouds to to the sky or make the moon ginormous…but I want my photos to stand out with minimal retouching. colorful4amarked

I want you to appreciate nature as it is. Because, it is already beautiful just the way it was made for us to enjoy, appreciate and live in.


Perhaps, focus on the beauty instead of finding what is wrong with it.


Aren’t we’re all guilty of this? Always trying to find the littlest imperfection…


Why can’t we just focus on what is beautiful, good, kind…


…true, gentle, sweet –


True beauty…


As seen with the naked eyes.


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